A weekend of pato-left and pato-squats

IP (Inicjatywa Pracownicza, Workers’ Initiative) hand in hand with Agrounia (Agro-Union), Przychodnia squat giving place for party agitation. If you don’t believe it, check out their fanpage. They don’t hide it. On the contrary, they are proud to fight the system in alliance with the beneficiaries of that very same system. A few years ago already, IP (WI) had a […]

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The attack on the Syrena Collective – our statement on events of 5/12/2021

StatementOnce again a macho squat attacked the queer-feminist community. Today’s attack is a part of patriarchal abuse that we experience every day living in Poland. Cis-het man not able to control their anger deprived queer-feminist people of their home, and many collectives of space for grassroots political activism.The escalating situation of domestic abuse in the Syrena collective has been going […]

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Vilnius in solidarity with Syrena

Thanks to the crew from social enter Luna6 in Vilnius for their solidarity and support!You can visit their website here. It deeply saddens us to announce that one of the main political squats in Warsaw, Syrena, was lost yesterday after a vicious attack by macho punks from the neighboring squat Przychodnia. Its important that the Lithuanian Left stands in solidarity […]

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