Solidarity from Leipzig to the Syrena Collective

 „Sexworkers support Syrena“ „Syrena Lives! Solidarity from Leipzig“Solidarity from Leipzig to the Syrena Collective„Sexworkers support Syrena“ „Syrena Lives! Solidarity from Leipzig“With scare and anger we have followed the situation of the Warsaw squat Syrena in the last weeks. We read it as an act of patriarchal violence that strengthens our determination to fight against it. Further thoughts can be found […]

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About fear & solidarity

I remember being a brave child before going to school. But years of polish public education taught me that it’s pointless to come forth, because you can get hurt. That the best defence tactic is to comply or to run, that I have no chances confronting someone who has power over me or is stronger than me, so why even try.I […]

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(Polski) Berlin solidarnie z Syreną

This is a text from anarcha-queer activists in Berlin and a solidarity photo shot in Köpi – one of the oldest squats / anarchist social centers in Berlin. Thanks for the words of support and pointing out the authoritarian and anti-feminist turn within the anarchist movement, that is a key element of the attack against Syrena. Originally published on […]

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