Vilnius in solidarity with Syrena

Thanks to the crew from social enter Luna6 in Vilnius for their solidarity and support!

You can visit their website here.

It deeply saddens us to announce that one of the main political squats in Warsaw, Syrena, was lost yesterday after a vicious attack by macho punks from the neighboring squat Przychodnia. Its important that the Lithuanian Left stands in solidarity with Syrena and the lives of all those who have lost their home and place of political assembly amidst these cold winter months. Syrena persisted for over a decade and was central to the organizing of the tenants movement in the city. They also operated a cafe and bar where political events were regularly held – there last event only two weeks ago organized by members of the Kurdish community in Poland. It has also been an important place for queer communities to meet and organize. They maintained a freeshop and had a fully running food distribution model with a fridge outside the door for sharing. They ran a well organized library with a full online searchable database of books. This is a massive loss for Poland and to think they were finally evicted not by the city whom they faced constant attack by but a neighboring squat.
This is a painful reminder that repression comes not only from the state forces but also can be encountered within our own communities and potential alies.

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